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What To Put In A Self Care Box? How to Make a Box for Self Care !

Ciao lovelies! Today's post is about how to make a self-care box and what kind of stuff to put in it!

Introducing....the "Ghoulfriends"

So, the post you've been waiting for....introducing....the....GHOULFRIENDS!
The Ghoulfriends is the name for my two monster high dolls, a Customized Frankie and the new series Draculaura. YES- They are a couple! Here is the story so far:
Frankie and Draculaura met in Monster High, fell in love, and started dating. Frankie decided she wanted to have surgery to look more "Scary-Cute" and even though Draculaura liked how Frankie looked either way, she supported Frankie's decision and waited anxiously through Frankie's surgery. She sat by Frankie's bedside and waited for her to wake up from the surgery with a big pizza! After the surgery and Frankie's hair and clothes appointment, they took a cute selfie together!
 They are so cute together!
They moved in together, and got pets together!
They even switched clothes, and they look so cute in each other's original packaged outfits!

I hope you enjoyed meeting the Ghoulfriends! I will be posting a lot of updates about them, cuz I love them so much!! 

Love, Luna



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