Do I like Cricut Products? My First Cricut Shirt Project!

Ciao lovelies! For Christmas I received a Cricut Explore Air 2 from my lovely Fiancé, and a Cricut Easy Press from his parents! Ever since I received these amazing presents, I have been non-stop creating. So I’d like to share my first ever time making a custom T-shirt (AKA, my first big Cricut project). In this post I’ll not only share my T-shirt design image so that you can make your own, but I’ll also be sharing my thoughts and feelings about the Cricut Explore Air 2, and giving any helpful advice that I learned through my experiences.

DISCLAIMER: This post is not sponsored nor affiliated with Cricut. I received this as a Christmas present and just wanted to share some things I learned. I am not taking any money from Cricut in any way. I am also not sponsored nor affiliated with Canva.

I did make a few projects before diving right into T-Shirt design. Mainly I made a practice card and some cardstock cutouts. Once I sort of understood how the Cricut Design Space works, I felt ready to try to make something big.

I had a plain white T-shirt laying around and I had bought some glitter iron-on sheets. I decided, why not make a cute T-shirt design?

Cricut Design Space does let you upload your own images, so I decided to use Canva to design my T-shirt. I used the “YouTube Thumbnail” template and made an all-black design with a transparent background (I’ll explain why in a moment). I saved this as a PNG file to preserve the transparent background. Here is what I designed:

The reason I made this design all one color was for ease of cutting it out using my Cricut. When you upload your image into Cricut Design Space, it’s just easier for the parts you want cut out to all be one color on a transparent background.

To make the shirt, I uploaded my design into design space and made it 11 inches wide. This is because that was the recommended image size for an adult size medium shirt. 

Then I loaded up my Cricut Cutting mat by placing the iron-on with the shiny liner-side down, plugged in the USB cord to my computer, MADE SURE TO MIRROR THE IMAGE, turned the dial on my Cricut to “Custom.” From there I could select from materials “Glitter Iron-On.” Once I selected the material, I hit go on my machine.

DO NOT FORGET TO MIRROR YOUR IMAGE. This will make sure that when it gets ironed on the shirt, it actually goes the right direction. While this is not as important for the image I was using, it’s highly important for text.

After hitting the Cricut logo on my machine (the “go” button), the machine carefully cut out my design without cutting through the liner on the back. After it was finished I unloaded the machine and turned it off.

The next step was to peel away the unnecessary bits of the iron on. I did this without a weeder tool, but you can always buy one. After this, place the design on the shirt (liner side up) and follow the directions to iron it on, then peel away the liner. And you have a custom shirt!

I used a Cricut Easy Press to iron on my design, but you can use a regular iron too. The Easy Press just made things..well..easier! It has the option of changing temperature and it has a timer built in. 

Here is how I styled my red glittery Cat on a Moon shirt:

I paired this shirt with a long constellation skirt in black from the brand L.A. Soul, and a pair of chunky black boots. I put my hair in half-pigtails, with black scrunchies and white hairclips.

I did my makeup with red eyeshadow, black eyeliner in a wing on each side, and black mascara. I also chose my most red lipstick.

My Overall Thoughts on the Cricut Explore Air 2:

This product is really easy to use once you get the hang of it. I love the precision in the way it cuts, and it makes crafting super accessible! The only frustration I’ve been having with it is difficulty with learning Design Space, but I’m slowly getting the hang of that too. Overall I am thrilled to have received this gift, because it’s opened up a whole realm of new possibilities for my Crafting!

PS I did name my Cricut machine….I named him… Kricket. LOL, I am a simple-naming person.

What do you think of Cricut machines? Would you ever want one? What do you think of the project I made, any tips for me in the future? Let me know in the comments! Oh yeah, if you use the cat-moon design please tag me in your creations on Instagram using @onlyfunthingsblog or #OFTreaders !
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Thanks again for reading, remember to stay awesome, love yourself, and I'll see you in our next post!


  1. The shirt looks great! It's very Sailor Moon-esque, especially with the twintails.
    This is actually my first time hearing of the Cricut machines, probably because I'm not really into crafting (I am pretty terrible at DIY, and I get frustrated easily haha) it's a great gift for somebody creative and into DIY like you, though. They kind of remind me of 3D printers, but I think that they (the Cricut machines) have more practical uses.

    ~Lady Nicole

    1. Thank you! Looking at the shirt and the styling I can definitely see the Sailor Moon sort of vibes now. :)

      I had heard a bit about Cricuts before, but to be honest, I barely knew what they were capable of until I got mine. They have so many uses though and I love it!

      It does remind me a bit of 3D printing, but I think you're right in that there's more uses. Though my fiance has a 3D printer and that's got me thinking... How we could combine our tech and crafting knowledge for future projects? I'll have to think on it.

      Thanks for reading! Sorry I went off on a tangent in this comment, lol. But thanks for your comment and readership! :)


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