My Dinosaur Adventure at Jurassic Journey!


Ciao lovelies! As many of you may know, I love dinosaurs. Seriously, I love anything to do with dinosaurs: Jurassic Park (and every sequel), Jurassic World, Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom…I even bought Jurassic World Evolution (the video game), only to find out it didn’t work on my computer… (another story maybe for another time!) I have MANY dinosaur figures, almost too many, and a Triceratops plushie named Emi… Point is, I adore dinosaurs!

Naturally, then, when my fiancé (you lovelies know him as pen-name Rakuana) suggested we go to something called “Jurassic Journey,” I was so excited! Originally he had planned to surprise me with it after we went to the Lovely Heart Maid Café pop-up event, but I’m pretty weird about surprises, so I got him to tell me before the day of, and I was thrilled!

That Saturday, after we went to the maid café, we headed over to Virginia Beach’s Town Center! At first when we got there, we couldn’t see anything, but soon Rakuana spotted the tents. We wandered around looking at things, and got a few pictures.
There was a T-Rex photo area, so I got a picture of my arm being eaten:

We also saw a Triceratops and took a selfie with it:

Naturally I had brought Emi along, so I let her meet her distant cousins:

We also learned some facts about the Triceratops:

I had no idea that Triceratops could only move at 10 mph!

Soon we discovered that there was a scavenger hunt to be done, by collecting facts about each dinosaur around the area. We wandered around looking for each dinosaur, and found that there were a bunch, scattered all over a few blocks of the city!
Like this Brachiosaurus, towering high over the city:

Did you know that the name “Brachiosaurus” meant “Arm Lizard”?

Next we found an Ankylosaurus (My favorite dinosaur!) and a Stegosaurus:

The Ankylosaurus, like the Triceratops, was also a slow mover, at top speeds of roughly 6 mph because of its heavily armored body.

Next we saw the Allosaurus! 

Rakuana wanted to get a goofy picture of him almost licking the Allosaurus (Don’t worry, he didn’t actually lick it!)

The Allosaurus could run up to 20 mph!

After that, we saw the Pteranodon! It towered over the city, perched high up on a balcony!

Lastly, we saw Deinonychus and Velociraptor!

Overall, I really enjoyed the experience. It was really cool and I thought it was great that the city put on this event for everyone. Seeing all the dinosaurs was really fun and learning all the facts about them was very interesting.

While this event might’ve been geared for younger dino-fans, I still think adults can enjoy things like this too. Rakuana and I had a blast adventuring through the city and being on the hunt for the next dinosaur to complete our scavenger hunt. I hope that cities continue to do fun events like this, as it creates a nice sense of community and provides safe and fun entertainment.

What do you think? Would you like it if your city did events like this? Does your city do events like this? If so, what kind of events does your city do? Let us know in the comments!

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