Why I FAILED the 2018 October Blogging Challenge / UPDATES

Ciao lovelies, this post is going to be very serious for a moment. I need to talk to you all today about why I failed the October 2018 blogging challenge.

I didn’t want to just steamroll ahead with my usual blogging schedule without explaining what happened. I thought I owed everyone an explanation about why I can’t keep up with a daily posting schedule anymore like I used to, and why I couldn’t keep up with the blogging challenge for October.

I don’t know if many of you know this, but back in the day I used to blog daily, before I settled on my MWF schedule. Back when I was blogging everyday I had to take a hiatus almost every month for about a week. I was unhappy with the quality of post that I was releasing. Sure, I had lots of views overall, but it didn’t matter to me. I was super unhappy with how the posts were turning out.

That’s the truth of posting every-day, whether it be on a blog, YouTube, or any other content creation platform. The quality of your posts/videos drops, your content isn’t as good, and you’re not usually as happy. There’s a lot of pressure to outdo yourself constantly without much time to think of newer and greater ideas.

As many of you might know, I am a full-time college student. Now, I know that OFT is a personal choice. I have decided to undertake such a large project on my hands while doing school. I know that is on me, and I shouldn’t use school as an excuse to underperform on the blog. I’m just mentioning it so you understand.

For many content creators, we have full time jobs or school. Content creation for many of us, while we’d like it to be our full time job, many times it’s merely a labor of love.

So basically, to explain why I failed this challenge this month, is to explain that I couldn’t keep putting out content that I disliked so much. I was barely hitting the 300 word mark on my posts, they weren’t my best, I really honestly hated much of what I published this month so far.

And that is why I say I will be stopping the October blogging challenge and will be resuming my regular posting schedule. I’m sorry genuinely if I’ve disappointed any of you.

I love you all, remember to love yourselves, and I’ll see you in my next post. I may not post on Monday this week as I need some time to sit down and remind myself why I blog, and to remind myself of what content I want to put out there.
Stay amazing, everyone.