I’M BACK! OFT Royals Amino, OFT Updates, and more….

Ciao lovelies! I’m back from a small hiatus, and I have plenty of updates for you! Including updates about OFT Royals amino, updates about OFT, and just in general.

To start with, I’m sorry that I’ve been gone unexpectedly. I wanted to step back and re-evaluate the blog, and my goals. For a while I thought I might stop blogging, but I realized that blogging/social media/YouTube are my passions and I can’t give up on them. I had a really, REALLY long talk with myself where I decided to continue with OFT, continue being non-niche and continue blogging overall, but I was also honest with myself. I cannot keep up with a daily posting schedule, as mentioned in my Last Post, while I used to do this a while back I simply have more responsibilities and want to enjoy blogging more.

I will continue with the Monday, Wednesday, Friday posts, but don’t worry if I miss a day here and there. I am still a full-time college student with a part-time job, so I might end up occasionally missing here and there. Please bear with me.

As for community updates, I’m excited to announce that OFT Royals Amino is up and running with a few members. We have much to offer so please consider joining us. We do roleplays, royal lessons, challenges, and just general posting about our lives/hobbies.

If Amino isn’t your thing, please consider joining the OFT Community group on Facebook! It’s just been started and could use some posts in it!

That’s another thing I wanted to keep in mind moving forward- building OFT’s community! That’s why I will be having more involvement in the new OFT Community Facebook group as well as the OFT Royals Amino.

Lastly, I want to thank you for being with me on this journey. I can’t wait to produce more content for you.

Stay Awesome, Remember to Love Yourself, and I’ll see you soon,

Lunaria L Moon