Ciao lovelies! Today I have a big announcement.....I'm ENGAGED!

Yes, we got engaged 8/18/2018! In a maid cafe!!!!!!

Here is our video about it (which includes a clip of the actual moment!)

It was so magical and I'm so happy!!!

Here is what the ring looks like:
 I think it is the most beautiful ring in the world, because my love picked it out for me.

Also, here are some more pictures:

For those wondering, the picture of Rakuana on one knee in front of the flower wall was staged, he proposed to me on one knee at the table. ^-^ The maids thought it would be a good idea to take a pic of him on one knee since we also have video of the actual moment. (watch the video above to see the actual moment.) The header photo of this blog post is the real moment, and my genuine reaction.

So so so so much thanks to the Lovely Heart Maid Cafe for their help in setting this up! Rakuana is so happy that he had all your help in making this happen!

So yeah, lovelies, I'm engaged to Rakuana now!!!

See you lovelies on Wednesday!

Love always,
Lunaria L Moon


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