Kawaii Youtuber Spotlight – Yumi King – Kawaii Fridays!

Ciao lovelies! Today for Kawaii Friday I have a YouTuber spotlight for you all! Today’s highlighted kawaii youtuber is Yumi King!

I have been a fan of Yumi since I was in high school and since the beginning of her channel! Yumi started out as a Kawaii DIY channel with sewing tutorials, makeup tutorials, and crafting. Slowly she added more vlogs and reviews videos as well!

 Today, Yumi even has a second channel, Yummy King, where she posts food related videos!

Yumi’s beginning tutorials heavily focused on Lolita inspired designs and cosplay! I used to use Yumi’s tutorials to make all of my clothes, and they lasted for a really long time!

I also super loved watching Yumi’s wedding vlogs when she married her now-husband a while ago. It was so sweet! 

So, if you love vlogs, reviews, beauty videos, food videos, and DIY’s, check out both Yumi King and Yummy King on YouTube!

Overall, I love Yumi’s channel and I can’t wait to see more! I think I will be a fan of Yumi King forever. Her videos are so entertaining and you can tell she puts a lot of work into them. 

Thanks for reading, and sorry about the short posts this week. If you haven’t seen our social media accounts, I have been on Vacation, so I haven’t had time to post as much. But I still wanted to get three solid posts out to you guys!

See you all next week! Remember to love yourself!  

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