Toxic Relationships and Gaslighting- Royals Lesson GUEST POST!

Ciao lovelies! Today's post was a lesson written by Caspro Misery on OFT Royals Amino (If you haven't joined us already, join us HERE). [Caspro Misery is her RP name, her Instagram is @epy.candy ]. I held a contest recently on this Amino, in which the winner would have their Royals Lesson used as the lesson of this week, and she won! So here is her post about Toxic Relationships/Gaslighting. This post is entirely unedited (minus formatting + one spelling), her own words entirely! (TW- Talking about Gaslighting [symptom of emotional abuse] and toxic relationships!])

As I'm someone who was in a toxic relationship and didn't realise before after a few months out of it, it was so reopening hearing my friends tell me my relasionship was toxic and that the person I was with me was a manipulator.

What is Gaslighting ?

In the dictionary to gaslight someone it is to :
manipulate (someone) by psychological means into doubting their own sanity.

There usually is a cycle that comes along with this that never ends unless you manage to break it .

     When I was in this relasionship I would be felt like I wasn't enough unless I liked the same band or music as them. While I was never fond of them in the first place I was forced to like them and now whenever I hear their music I physically cringe.


How to break the cycle ?

- stop the pattern of denial, denying you're in a toxic relationship will only keep you there longer and ultimately you may be in a dangerous spot in your life.

- find someone you trust and tell then and ask for help. Realise they are trying to help you and your situation.

- don't take Harley Quinn and The Joker as romantic goals. Many people think they are an ideal couple but constantly it is shown that she is physically and mentally abused by him. Realise the signs.

I hope this post helps someone one day

Thank you all so much for reading Caspro Misery/@epy.candy's Royals Lesson! Should I have another contest like this but open it up to everyone, not just those in OFT Royals Amino? Let me know!

See you all in our next post, on Friday, which introduces a new assigned day!!


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