Emitrix Etsy Shop Resin Bird Skull Ring Review #2! Reviewing the Air and Sky Collection!

Ciao lovelies! Today I have another Emitrix product to review for you all, this time from their new Air and Sky collection!

DISCLAIMER- the item reviewed in this post was provided to us for review by Emitrix, but all opinions regarding the product, shop, and otherwise are my own. 

Recently, Kay from Emitrix on Etsy sent me another gorgeous ring to review!! And when I say gorgeous I mean GORGEOUS! This ring is from Emitrix's new Air and Sky collection! And luckily for you all as I write this post, there are still several items from this collection still available! So I hope once you all read this review you'll head on over to Emitrix on Etsy and check out the new collection! 

Now for the review!


Same as last time, in THIS post, I still feel that this item was put together very well! Unfortunately when it got to me the main piece (with the resin skull and crystals) had come off the base, but it only took a little glue to fix. I think this was caused by 1. the post office being too rough with the package as my home post office tends to be, or 2. it might've gotten too hot in my mailbox, (my mailbox is black so it heats up quickly). Overall though, this was not hard to fix and I don't think it was any fault of Emitrix. 

For construction overall I think it's a 5/5 from me!


Oh, my, gosh! I love this ring's design so much!!! It is so delicate and dainty, but at the same time it's a total statement piece! The colors are lovely, a light pastel blue, with the black, just looks so cool! I love the juxtaposition of the swirls ontop of the bird skull and the dots on the beak. 

(last pic was taken using my clip-on fisheye lens for my smartphone.)

(Also I want to mention this in case someone reading this doesn't see it in the title, these are not real skulls, they are resin!) 

Design from me gets a well-deserved 5/5!


I want to touch on size for a minute. If you prefer smaller rings, this is definitely for you! I have a comparison picture compared to the Bat Skull Ring:
This ring is definitely smaller, which is good for those of you who don't like larger rings. So if you want a smaller ring, look for one of their "Bird Skull" designs.

I like the size of this ring quite a bit as it makes it versatile and easy to wear with any outfit! 


I was also sent this beautiful gemstone as an extra:
This is such a cute little crystal and I totally love the little purple stripe in it! Thank you for the extra!


Now that I've seen more products from this shop, I recommend them even more to unique jewelry lovers! Every piece from Emitrix is beautiful, amazing quality, and definitely unique. 

Thank you so much to Emitrix for letting us review your products!

That's all for today's post!

See you all on Monday!



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