Hauls, Updates, Life (3/9/18) [THROWBACK]

Ciao lovelies! Today's post is a throwback to the days where I used to post hauls and such and more daily life style posts (which I am toying with the idea of going back to). So here is a post about recent events, in a throwback format.

 So recently I've been on Spring Break and have been having some adventures with Rakuana. 

We went to the park and I got a Vanilla Bean Creme frappe (my favorite). I forgot to Vlog while we were there but I did get some awesome doll photos of Venus McFlytrap (you can see them on my Doll Instagram)!

I wore a full coordinate out:
 Headbow -Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Blouse- Thrifted
Socks - Were a gift from Rakuana's parents
Folding fan- gift from Rakuana
Hairclips- one is from Aliexpress, one is from a Shibajuku Girls doll set. 
Necklace- Antique 
Bracelet- gift from Kyllen

The next day I got some small, inexpensive hauls:
I got some baking stuff from walmart, one box makes Disney Princess sugar cookies with edible decals, and one makes Hello Kitty strawberry cookies with edible decals. 
Princess cookies- $1
HK cookies- $2
Pocky - $1 each
Operetta was a thrift find, Rakuana bought her for me, she was $2.
I of course had to make a dollar tree haul since the dollar trees around my school don't update as often as the one at home. I got these adorable panda containers that came with a mini spoon. (They had other animals as well!). I got some headbands for future crafts, pliers for crafting, and sour spray! The sour spray was really good!! 

I also posted some new videos recently:

As I've been getting back into EGL fashion I've wanted to produce more content for it, I hope that's ok. 

NOTE- I wrote this post on 3/6/18 so some things may be out of date by the time this comes out (3/9/18).

Thanks for reading! See you in our next post!

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