Covering Ring Of Fire con 2018 !

Ciao lovelies! I know it’s been a while since our last convention post, (specifically the last one is NekoCon 2017!). But today we’re covering ROFcon 2018!

I’ve got a lot of thoughts, feelings, suggestions etc for this con, so this will be a rather long and image heavy post. 

First Up?


ROFcon is by no means the smallest con I’ve ever been to (the smallest ones being probably FantaSci and Shobou.). But it is pretty small for a convention that you pay for (given that FantaSci and Shobou, though small, are free mini-cons). I also found the layout to be confusing and maze-like; but the convention planners can’t really help that given that’s how the hotel is laid out. I found that the dealers room was MUCH smaller than the cons I’m used to- even Shobou has more vendors  (though Shobou mixes artists alley and dealers.)  And Artist’s Alley was very very tiny. I mean yes, in cons you generally aren’t supposed to spend all your time in these spaces, but I definitely would’ve liked more vendor choices. 

That being said, the vendor and artist choices I did have impressed me. I was glad to see one of my faves, Shlii, was there. (More on this later, as I’m going to review the item I bought from her stall later in this post- If you want to see it now, scroll down to HAUL). Unfortunately, there was one Dealer’s Room booth that was ridiculously upcharging, but that happens at conventions sometimes, and if you find out that a booth is upcharging too much, just don’t buy from them. Some upcharge is normal given they have to buy the items then sell them, but too much is just ridiculous.


ROFcon’s guests were simply lovely. They all were very nice, easy to approach kind of people, and very fun to talk to. 

We went to a writing workshop panel by one of the Author guests, Andrew Linke, author of the Oliver Lucas Adventures series, and it was one of my favorite panels. He helped us work through some writing, plan out our stories, talked to us about our stories, and gave just some fantastic writing advice. He was down to earth, and funny. For more info about him you can check out his Website, Facebook, or Twitter!

We also met another Author guest, Michael Thompson, at his table, where he talked to us about his new book “World of the Orb,” and showed us the orb itself! It was awesome! For more info about him you can check out his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and also the Website for World of the Orb!

Then we also met the members of Dimensional Riffs, a band that specializes in making “nerdy” music! We saw them preform as well and loved their show! The group had good harmony, and memorable songs, with songs about Star Wars and even songs about Sherlock! I greatly enjoyed meeting this band! We also caught the last few minutes of their panel, where we got to listen to them preform again, which was amazing. I think this band deserves wayyy more love! If you want to listen to their music, check out their Bandcamp, they also have a Instagram and Facebook page!
Dimensional Riffs at their panel on Saturday.
We also attended the Geek Night Comedy show on Saturday Night. Though not suitable for younger audiences, we enjoyed the show, and found it quite hilarious! Rakuana was cracking up the whole time. For more info about Geek Night Comedy, you can check them out on Facebook!


The biggest (And most expensive) item I bought from the con was my new Hatsune Miku figurine!
Isn’t she just beautiful?
She is from Project Diva X HD, and she is just lovely! I love the amount of detail put into this figure! I’ll be doing a more extensive review of her possibly, later. I’ve got posts scheduled for a while so it will be a little while before I have her posted (if I decide to post about her).
I also bought two Kawaii mystery bags, but I won’t show what I got in them this time (ooh mystery) because I want to use some of the items in future giveaways.

I also bought a ton of Ramune like I do every con, and I bought some new clip on cat ears with bells.

And I got a SUPER KAWAII little dog-mermaid plush from Shlii! I love this little plushie, He is so adorable. I passed by the table many times before deciding heck yeah I wanted to get this little guy. He is a nice consistency to squish when I feel stressed, almost like a plush squishy! This little guy gets a 5/5 and the shop overall gets a 5/5 from me!


And now for all the pics I got during this con!
I got pics of these two AMAZING cosplayers - If you're the cosplayers in these pics let me know and I will include your social media handles!

The artwork from the con banners.

Rakuana setting up his Aetherium demo

Rakuana and I at his Aetherium demo table

Rakuana was nice enough to do a photoshoot for me!


My overall experience at this con was pleasant. This con would be a good in between con for someone who has been to smaller, one day cons but never a big con, and wants to slowly work their way up. Of course I didn’t write about everything at this con, but it was cool! A few suggestions I’d give would be-

-Leave the dealers room open a little longer on Saturday. It closed at 6 on Saturday which was a little inconvenient since there was a bit of a lull in things to do around this time and we couldn’t go there to look around while we were killing time until our next panel.

-Have a map of the convention areas up around the con so first timers can find everything. We kept getting lost in the maze-like setup.

-Have multiple dances, or put the dance on Saturday night. Having only one dance on Friday night was kind of disappointing, as when Saturday night rolled around I wanted to stay late for a dance, but there was none. I noticed that Rakuana felt the same way. 

-Rakuana suggestion: Have a Star Wars destiny small tournament or something, as it’s a popular game right now and would bring a lot of traffic. 

Overall I’d give this con a 3ish/5. While there were some delightful things, overall I felt like I paid a little too much for this convention and might not want to go back, unless they have a lot of really cool panels next year. I don’t like to be negative about things, especially when I know a lot of people worked really hard to make this convention happen, so I won’t discourage anyone from going. Like I said, this would be a great experience for someone who’s just working their way up to bigger cons, and wants to take it slowly. This is a pretty decent medium con.

Thanks for reading my review of ROFcon! Have you been to this con? What did you think of it? Did I meet you at this con? Please leave a comment and let me know! I’d love to chat!
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