Let's Talk! Updates, Reviews, Shopping.....

Ciao lovelies! Today, let's talk! I've got a video, haul, and other fun updates for you all!

So to begin with, let me explain where I've been. I've been super busy with school and also seasonal mental health issues. My finals week just happened and I've still got loads to finish.
But I wanted to at least touch base with you all!

So recently I had a really fun weekend with my boyfriend, who goes by Rakuana when it's OFT related stuff. We went to Gabe's for the first time to see what kind of store it is (it reminds us of TJ Maxx or Ross). We found a really awesome Monster High playset that was only $15!

Here is the unboxing and review video:

And now for the rest of the weekend!

We went to the park and got a cute pic together, I bought some new slime, and also I included a pic of my Hot Topic haul which was only $3.26 after using my Hot Topic card (it was supposed to be $9!)

We went to the mall where I saw a huge tree!

Rakuana took me to Walmart pretty late at night just so I could get some cake:

Then we crafted (DIY post coming soon!)

And we cooked some delicious food:

So yeah! Thanks for reading. I'm sorry this post is so bland, I'm having some trouble getting over the seasonal depression.


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