Covering NekoCon 2017!

Ciao lovelies! Recently I went to NekoCon 2017 and had a blast! I figured I would go back to my roots and cover this con like I covered others! (such as Shobou Con, and AMA). 

I had tons of fun at NekoCon 2017!
 Day one was fun! Not as long because we had to drive from school all the way home, but it was super fun anyway! We went to a panel about a star wars cosplay group, and then we went to an armor building panel. Then we went to the dance and went home!
 Day two was also super fun. I have a pic with my Momma (who we were staying with), and with Rakuana in his kaito cosplay. I tried my very first Calpico (it was delicious!) and Rakuana bought me a cute Alpacasso plushie. I bought him a new deck box and some packs for Star Wars Destiny.
 I had to share with you guys these awesome little blind bags that one booth was selling. They included so much kawaii stuff! Because of this blind bag, I now own my first Re-Ment item!
 Of course there were tons of amazing cosplayers there! I saw a Clementine from TWD New Frontier, I saw a Mei and a Mercy and a Reaper, and a Houndoom!
BTW! If any of you lovelies know these cosplayers or ARE these cosplayers please drop some links so I can update this post with their info!
I made a headband in a fun panel by Puvithel !
Then, we made pokeball habitats in an awesome panel by The Shoestring Scientists!
Also here's a close up of that Rilakkuma Re-Ment charm!
Day three we went to a cosplay sword building panel, and also saw a cooking competition where the contestants were competing for scholarship money!
After, we bought some more stuff, then did some doll photography with the Hampton Roads Coliseum in the background.

Overall, NekoCon 2017 was AWESOME and I can't wait for NekoCon 2018! (and maybe a con in between? )