DANGEROUS Trolls, Hate Sites, and WORSE!- REAL TALK

Ciao lovelies! Today, we’re talking about something super serious on the internet that you should avoid at all costs- trolls. In this post I’ll tell you which sites to avoid, how to spot a troll, how to avoid becoming a target, what to do if you become a target, and more.

To begin with, what is a troll? A troll is someone on the internet who has accounts (or posts anonymously) solely for the purpose of harassing, berating, or suicide-baiting someone else online. (For those unaware of what suicide baiting is, check THIS post ). These trolls will stop at nothing until their target has a mental breakdown…or worse.

Why do trolls do this? Well, my theory is that it’s a mixture of jealousy and lack of human decency. Many trolls target successful people online. They also target so called “easy targets” like mentally ill people and recovery accounts. I believe that trolls are negative people who lead unfulfilling lives, so they take out their anger/dis-satisfaction on others online, hiding behind screennames or “anonymous”. I mean, just wait, I bet I will have to sort through hundreds of anons in my moderation comments box after this post! And why? Because they don’t want to understand the truth- that they are not helping themselves by hurting others.

Trolls do what they do because they want to hurt people to make themselves feel better about their lives. That- or they’re just cruel souls who want to hurt people for no reason- but I like to believe that everyone has a reason for doing something. And, having dealt with trolls for most of my life (getting to that later), I think I know them pretty well, and from what I’ve seen, usually they do this out of a mixture of boredom and jealousy/anger (anger about their own sadness, etc.).

How to spot a troll? Does someone come to your page and leave nothing but rude, hateful comments all over it? Do they spam you with messages like “kill yourself” and “you suck”? When you look at their account, is it blank or full of hateful memes? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you’ve got yourself a troll.

How to get rid of a troll? Ignore them. It’s literally the only way. Block and ignore. Don’t EVER, EVER EVER EVER answer them. DON’T PLAY INTO THEIR GAMES. I learned my lesson the hard way, recently even, that you should never answer a troll. That’s what they want. They want you to get mad, to yell, to cuss them out. They want the attention. NEVER give it to them.

How can you avoid becoming a target altogether? Well, if you’re a small account who doesn’t want trolls, go on private. Or put a word filter on comments. If you’re a big account, just ignore them and never give them what they want. Eventually they’ll get bored and move on. In the rare case that they don’t get bored, literally just keep ignoring them. Never, ever, ever give in to a troll. Just delete their comment, block them, move on.

I dealt with trolls my entire teenhood. And I made many mistakes. I answered them, I tried to troll back, I argued, I made comics about them. In the end, I realize that I should just ignore them, block them, delete their comments. I would’ve had a much easier teenhood if I had….

Instead I let myself get pushed to the breaking point over and over. I had mental breakdowns, relapses, the works. I didn’t know any better.

But now I do, and I want to share this message with everyone. NEVER ever give in to a troll.

Here are the sites to avoid (these sites are HUGE troll sites and literally only exist for trolls) : 4chan, lolcow, kiwifarms, Pretty Ugly Little Liars. All of these sites are nothing but hate sites where they obsess over internet personalities and stalk them!

What do you think about trolls? Have you ever dealt with a troll? What did you do? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I agree with what you say, but there is something I'd like to point out which is *slightly* going away from your main points - so sorry about that!

    The problem is that certain fan bases have white knights - which is not inherently a bad thing - but it is when they lash out at any minor criticism or helpful advice. Its annoying when someone can't detect the difference between hate and advice - and its just as bad to hate-obsess over someone and to be a "psycho" fan lashing out at people in the comments sections. I have experienced these myself when making a comment that was neither malicious or with dishonourable intentions, I simply recommended a change in the you tubers' lighting (as the video was receiving a lot of dislikes for this reason). Minutes later I get a response from some psycho fan who tells me... well you can guess the rest!

    This is a rather harsh thing for me to say but I really wish some you tubers would simply close the comments and hide the likes and dislikes if they can't handle the mad house (which is the comment section) - negative people are to be expected. Freedom of speech is letting everyone have their say - even if you don't like it, and it all comes as part as putting yourself out their on a public platform. I understand most people may disagree with me saying this, but opening up the comment section is saying that you want to invite anyone to share their opinions and if a youtubers not prepared to fend of trolls or doesn't want to hear criticism of any sort then they shouldn't give out the "false invitation".

    OFF TOPIC: I remember reading about a private forum which a woman dedicated 12 years of making Duffy the Vampire Slayer posts - she'd made *thousands* of posts, there were other members but they didn't contribute they simply read about the updates/news articles etc. One day the link to this forum was posted on 4CHAN within 2 days the entire forum and every memory of it had to be deleted as it became inundated with trolls and spammers. I'm not a major Duffy fan (lmao) but I found this sad to hear - some people have absolutely no respect or consideration.

    OMG SO SORRY ABOUT HOW LONG THIS IS!! I got a bit carried away :')

    1. While I like some of your points, I think youtubers should get a bit of sympathy from us as well. Here is an older article we published on the subject- http://www.onlyfunthings.org/2017/03/real-talk-double-standard-of-content.html

      Also, that example of the woman's forum is the unfortunate side effect of the internet- the trolls that can't just let people enjoy things.

      Thanks for reading and commenting! I really appreciate your well thought out comment!

      Love, Lunaria L Moon


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