Celebrities- They Aren’t Saints

Ciao lovelies! Today we have a guest post from my boyfriend Rakuana about why celebrities shouldn’t be held to such a high standard. Without further ado, here is his post!

Hey everybody, Rakuana here: something that keeps showing up in the media that bothers me, is people reacting to a sports star doing something bad and how they as a public figure should be a “role model” and “have negatively influenced people”. Now I’m not saying that it should be ignored when they commit serious crimes, because that should absolutely be punished. What I’m talking about is when they say something inappropriate that all of us say from time to time. They are still human. They still make mistakes, They shouldn’t be punished or fined just because they said something out of tact. 

                For example, recently in the pro-league scene a streamer received a comment that he wasn’t trying hard enough, and that his fellow team mate received a huge donation on stream. The streamer’s team has been going through a pretty bad slump and so upon being told that he wasn’t trying hard enough, he said “I make more than 100 of you.” Since then the internet has exploded calling for him to be punished and his team to be fined since he acted as a “poor role model.” 

                I don’t understand why anyone would expect him to act any better than anyone else. He is a regular human being who is just excellent at playing a video game. So when he says something that was probably true after being insulted, that literally anyone would have said, why should he be fined? Even more than that why should his team get a fine?

                I just don’t see these people as role models. If you do than that’s great, just remember that they are human and humans make mistakes and get hot headed. Don’t blame someone and hate them for doing something you would do in the exact situation. That’s all for me today. So peace out and have a nice day.

Thank you to Rakuana for sharing his thoughts on role models in media! I hope he will write for us again in the future.

What do you all think about this topic? Do you think we should hold celebrities to higher standards or do you think they’re just people like us and shouldn’t be held so uptight?  Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks again to Rakuana for this post! See you all in our next post! Stay awesome!


  1. I agree that celebrities shouldn't be held to 'god' like standards, and I especially agree that peoples pasts shouldn't be brought up for example Jeffrey Star made some racist remarks 12 years ago and he has apologised several times but still it gets brought up (People act is if they have never said anything vulgar in their lives).

    The streamer saying 'I make more than 100 of you' was understandable, but still comes off as arrogant - money isn't a good measure of success (maybe on a superficial level) and doesn't make you a good person (being rich isn't a synonym for being great). But like you said, people say things when they are angry and they shouldn't be picked apart for it by the media.

    I think reality magazines/ celebrity news channels should be banned. They purposefully go out of their way to get bad photographs (enhancing cellulite/ stomach "flab") and showing someones worst moments and publishing it to the world. If the same happened to a normal person it would be classed as cyber bullying/ harassment / stalking. Do you agree?

  2. Yeah I definitely think there be some expiration date on old comments. You can't keep holding people to stuff they said 12 years ago. I get that it sounds arrogant for him to mention his money but the commentor was talking about it to start so I see it as more of a response.

    I personally am for freedom of speech so if the media wants to be dirtbags and try to get bad photos and post them that's fine. I think they really need some regulation to prevent them from falsifying photos and doing dirtbag stuff.


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