Dollar Tree CRAFT CHALLENGE! (Plus 2 DIYs)

Ciao lovelies! Today, Rakuana and I are sharing a new game with you, letting you choose our winner, and sharing 2 DIY projects with you!

So, this game spawned when we were bored on the 4th of July. It was about to rain outside, too hot to go to a park, and the library was closed. What to do?

"Well," I said, "Dollar Tree is open til 10 pm." And Rakuana said "OK, so we can go to Dollar Tree...?" 

"We can make a game out of it!" I said, but couldn't think of any game ideas. 

"What if we both had a limit of $5 and had to create a meal from the food section?" He said. 

"Or, what if we both had only $5 to create a craft from anything in the Dollar Tree!?" I jumped up and Rakuana nodded. So that was decided. The rules of the Dollar Tree CRAFT CHALLENGE had been decided. Each of us got a limit of $5 and had to create a craft from only items within the Dollar Tree (hot glue, glue, and tape could be from home of course. And any tools at home like scissors, etc.)

So we got our materials:
 And set off to work!

Rakuana decided to make a candle holder, and after much technical difficulty, this is what his progress looked like:

I decided to make something easier, a Desk Organizer. So my progress:
I also can't help but be a show off and show how the desk organizer works:

So now, readers, it's your chance to decide- Who won our Dollar Tree CRAFT CHALLENGE? 
Does Rakuana's Patriotic Candleholder win? Or Lunaria's Desk Organizer! Vote by saying one of our names in the comments!

If you make these, let us know! We'd love to see your crafts! You can link it down below, or tag our Instagram Account or use #OFTreaders to be featured on our page!
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Thanks for reading! Stay awesome! I'll see you in tomorrow's post!


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