DIY Dreamcatcher for Kids!

Ciao lovelies! Today, we're making a DIY dreamcatcher that can be made with younger kids (with adult supervision and help!)

What you'll need:
-Fancy paper (construction paper works too!)
-Elastic cord
-Hot glue or normal glue

Follow the steps below:
 Step one- Cut a wide circle shape out of some cardboard. 
Step two- Cut slits in the outside of the circle. Don't cut entirely through the circle.
Step three- Thread some elastic cord through one of the slits and use hot glue or normal glue to secure it.
 Step four- Lace the cord through the slits until you have a design you like. 
Step five- Cut out a cardboard circle the same size as your first one and don't hollow out the middle. Cover it with fancy paper and glue to the back of the first circle. 
Step six- Cut two elongated ovals out of fancy paper and glue them to each end of a elastic cord, beading them as well. Make them feathers by cutting fringe along the edge.

When you're done, the back view should match yours. At the top there should be a loop to hold the dreamcatcher to a tack on the wall.

This DIY was inspired by THIS VIDEO from Barbie's instagram on how to make a dream catcher.
This DIY was reccomended to us by tdameron14 on Instagram. 
Thank you for the help!

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