Covering Fanta Sci 2017

Ciao lovelies! Today I'll be talking about how Fanta Sci 2017 went and why you should go next year!

Fanta Sci is a local convention held at the Chesapeake Central Library every year. It celebrates both Fantasy and Sci Fi and all types of geek-dom! I feel totally in my element here.

Here is the cosplay I wore (I was Rin Kagamine):
I wasn't wearing Lolita Fashion- this is a COSPLAY. Not Lolita Fashion. 
(I have to say this because some people like to harass others online for trivial things like that.)

Anyway, here are some more pics from the con:

 The first pic is Rakuana playing some video game, the second pic is the slime we made, and the third pic is two dolls we found that Rakuana bought for me! They were only $3 each and I CAN'T BELIEVE I FINALLY HAVE A CATTY!!!!!!

 These pics are some AMAZING cosplays I saw around the con! These people's costumes were totally professional looking and amazing!'

Then Rakuana and I went to a ghost hunting panel and VAPI (Virginia Paranormal Investigations) let us take this awesome pic of their equipment! 
HERE is their website if you want to learn more!

And now some close ups on the dolls:
 They are so beautiful!

I had such a wonderful time at this con and I encourage you if you're in the area to go check it out!

Thanks for reading! See you in tomorrow's post!

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