4 MUST HAVE Summer Accessories

Ciao lovelies! Today, I'm showing you 4 Must have summer accessories from the online store Teen Hearts. 
BEFORE YOU READ- Please note that this post contains affiliate links and codes. Please also note that the author considers this brand to be 15+ as some of the clothing has "offensive" things on it (middle finger, says "sucks"). 

So I'll be completely open with you all and say that yes, recently I was taken on as a model/affiliate of the brand Teen Hearts! And I actually do think their clothes/accessories are super cute, and I am super happy to be working with them! I thought what better way to showcase our new partnership than with a cool blog post showing what I think their best accessories are?

So here are the 4 accessories I think are totally awesome!

From top left, clockwise:

I think these items are the hottest must-haves this summer because:

Well for one, fidget spinners have been trending like crazy lately, and this one GLOWS. I love glow in the dark things, so to me, that's AWESOME.
 For two, the Kaleidoscope Sunnies remind me of Luna Lovegood, also awesome!
And the two necklaces are also super trendy!

If you get any of these items, use code OFTstyle for 10% off!

Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in tomorrow's post!
Stay awesome! (or as Teen Hearts would say, Stay Weird!)


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