Never Let An Outdated GPS Find You a Park!- STORYTIME

Ciao lovelies! Today's post is about how an outdated GPS is never your best bet for finding new locations!

So today, Rakauna and I decided to try and find a new park to visit since we visit the same one almost all the time. So we decided to let his GPS find us a new park to visit. We thought we'd found a new one....and drove all the way discover......IT WAS THE SAME PARK WE'D ALREADY BEEN TO. UGH.

So then we find another one, and decide to head out. It had a good name so we were hopeful. We drive all the way there and it's literally just some playground equipment on a plot of land the size of a house. Not a good "park."

Of course, we then realize "Hey, Rakuana's GPS is outdated. Of COURSE it isn't finding us any new, awesome parks."

So we ended up just going to the same park we always go to. Sometimes the same old routine is truly better than trying to find something new and "exciting."

What did you try that seemed "exciting" but made you wish you'd just do the same old thing instead? Let us know in the comments below!

See you in our next post!