Ciao lovelies! Today's post is monthly achievement planning for May!
This month I want to work on some personal stuff as well as regular life stuff.
Here are my goals:
Do you like the sparkly rainbow mermaid page? Haha. I thought it was pretty cute for this month. I want to return to my Epicurean belief system because I feel that I've lost touch with what life really means. I want to truly enjoy life. 

Sorry, got super deep there for a moment! And we aren't even in a REAL TALK post!
Anyways, here's the blank copy for you lovelies, sans the mermaid. Though, I will include the mermaid below if you want to add her.

That's the only things for today's post I'm afraid. Sorry for the shortness. MAP posts tend to be shorter because there's only so much I can say about my goals.

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 Thank you for reading! I’ll see your beautiful faces again tomorrow in my next post!