Self-Care Days- We Need Them!

Ciao lovelies! Today’s post is a reflection about what it means to me to take a self care day, and how it affects me. 
So, selfcare is a HUGE thing for me, possibly even unhealthily so. But I get so stressed super quick, and self-care is basically damage control to prevent mental breakdowns. So I indulge in self care almost daily. But a true self-care day is not so often, and includes so much more than the usual things.

My Self-Care Day “Routine”

First things? A playlist. Some of my self care faves are picked specifically to help me get into a confident, happy mood. Songs like “Steal The Show” from a Monster High movie (no shame!), “Money” by ThatPoppy, and “Classic” by MKTO always get me into a peppy mood.

Next up is to clean my whole room. I know what you’re thinking, “how is that self-care?” Self-care isn’t always the lovely little things you see on tumblr, you gotta give yourself some tough love too and get sh*t done! Cleaning makes me feel productive, and leaves me with a tidy space, which reduces my stress levels. 

Going along with that theme, self-care days usually entail me using my planner, and figuring out what I need to do. Knowing what I’m doing makes me feel so much better.

Next thing is pretty cliché, but I treat myself to a long, hot shower with pampering bodywash/soap. I use my Lotus meditation soap on self-care days, but even my normal showers are little self-care rituals to me.

After the shower, I apply leave in conditioner and detangler, and pull my bangs back with a soft, cushy headwrap. I give myself a nice English clay facemask, and after, use an Aloe Green-Tea moisturizer that my mother gave me.

From here, the possibilities are endless, but I usually do a few things: 

I love to play with slime and other stim toys while I relax. Playing with slime is just sooo relaxing!
I also like to color or draw on relaxing days!

Another thing I do on self-care days, is to watch a playlist of motivating/funny videos. Videos from Studio C are great to belly-laugh at, and pep talks from Barbie of all people are actually quite uplifting! Did you guys know that our childhood friend Barbie has a vlog channel? The toy industry is really getting intense…

Another thing on my watch list is anything Monster High, whether it be the short webisodes or the full movies. Call me childish, but watching the ghouls go on adventures and learn life lessons is super relaxing.

For foods on a self-care day, I opt for somewhat healthier options, like fruit and string cheese. But I do like to indulge sometimes with Italian ice or cookies.

I make sure that on self-care days I take my medicine and drink plenty of water. I find that being dehydrated makes me crankier than usual, and contributes to headaches. 

Self-care days mean tons of beauty stuff for me- usually tame, like painting nails, nicely scented lotion, testing new makeup looks, hairstyles, and just having fun! I also like to use baking soda on my teeth only on self-care days, and brush normally other times. Baking soda is found in many toothpastes, but I have sensitive teeth, and can only have it once in a while. 

If I am going out on a self-care day, I dress to the nines. I find that making myself look nice makes me feel nice, and feel more present. I carry myself better.

So that’s the most of what I do on my self-care days!

I do have a fun little thing for you guys though!
Something nice for self-care days is to have a fun little app to play with, to have fun and relax! I personally recommend Neko Atsume, a cute little game where you manage your yard, and meet cute cats aplenty!
This game always gets me in good spirits. I am recommending this genuinely by the way, I’m not sponsored by anyone at the moment!

That’s all for this post! Thank you for reading!

What do you do on self-care days? Do you have them? Let me know in the comments, or tag us on Instagram!

Thank you so much for reading, and I’ll see you in tomorrow’s post!

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Farewell until tomorrow!


  1. On my self care days, I like to walk on the beach, hang out with friends, shop, write and take sometime to self soothe.


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