My Summer Plans

Ciao lovelies! Today’s post is something super fun, what I want to do this summer!
So, I have soo many plans for summer. I’ve been daydreaming of my summer plans since January, and I can’t wait! So many of my plans are super cliché, but hey, they’ll be fun! 

The beach near me from March 2017
-Go to the Beach
This is super cliché, but I really want to go to the beach this summer! I live right near a super famous beach, and like to go to it sometimes. But I also like a smaller beach nearby. It’s less crowded there. My daydream is that my dear boyfriend and I will go to the beach, and collect shells and build sandcastles, walk on the boardwalk, and get snowcones/ice cream. Then we’ll go home and show off the shells we got to our parents and make crafts with them and watch a nice movie. 

My Trip Up to College from August 2016
-Go on a Roadtrip
This may be hard for my boyfriend and I- since he has a internship this summer (though luckily in our hometown!). But I really want to go on a roadtrip. My ideal trip would be to Richmond, to revisit Maymont park, and maybe some city shopping! Ooh, or the eastern shore, or North Carolina. Or DC! So many opportunities. The idea of a road trip with my boyfriend sounds so fun. We could drive, and listen to fun music, and play car trip games, and I could feed him snacks when he gets hungry but doesn’t want to pull over. How fun!

My Dorm Room when I first moved in. (I don't have pics of my bedroom)
-Redecorate/organize my Bedroom
I’ve been planning this one for a while. I want shelves, and I want to accent my room with gold, black, and pink! I have so much inspo saved, and Ame and I are going to work on it together. He told me that he knows how to spray paint things, so that will help a lot. I can’t wait to do this, I’ve been planning it for so long.

I of course have no photos in a bikini, so here's a stock photo of a cute one.
-Buy and Wear a Bikini
This one is all about my confidence. And up until recently, my confidence in my body has been awful. I felt fat and also would wear board shorts to hide the scars on my legs. The most I could wear was a tankini. But not this summer. This summer I’m going to proudly wear a bikini and not hate my body! It’s a huge goal of mine to feel more self-love, so that’s my first step! Overcome my fear of the bikini!

Myself in a altered dress (I couldn't find any pics of my old sewing projects!) (Kyllen and I on the set of SWOH)
I have a TON of sewing plans for this summer. I gotta make some new clothes since I also plan to clean out my closet and get rid of everything I don’t wear (probably upcycle or give to charity.) I want to make it so that everything in my closet gets regular wear. I have some things in my closet that just sit there and never get worn, and it’s time to change that. Sadly, I have some Lolita stuff that I’ll probably never wear again, because I think I’ve grown out of trying to emulate Lolita style. I realize that it’s a bit too hard for me to keep up with all of it now that I’m in college, and also, while I love it, it doesn’t suit me. So I’m going to get rid of everything I don’t wear, and sew new stuff I want to wear. I have some lovely lavender crushed velvet and cute Hello Kitty fabric to make some new stuff out of. 

Ame and I's feet at a local park :)
-Find new Parks
While I love my usual Oak Grove, and local elementary school parks, I want some adventure, and I want to discover new things in my area. I recently watched a video from one of my fave youtubers, SaraBeautyCorner, and she mentioned that you can find new things to explore inside your hometown, since you probably haven’t noticed them while caught up in a daily routine. I want to find new things in my town to photograph and write about. Since I’m going to be driving more, I can search alone or with my boyfriend or twin sis. I can also try to find some in my mom’s town, since I haven’t got the chance to explore there as much.

What are your plans for Summer 2017? Let me know, I’d love to hear them!

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Thanks so much for reading, I’ll see you in tomorrow’s post!


  1. ummm..... kyllen wants to b in parts of your summer plans twin and i'm sad to see you get rid of all your lolita stuff but can we at least go out with a bang?

  2. My summer plans are just basically treating myself with love and respect.


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