10 YouTube Channels You Should Subscribe To Right Now

Ciao lovelies! Today’s post is a super long list! Usually I stick to “5” lists for my big posts, but I thought I’d make a bigger list this time for fun! In this list, I’m telling you 10 fantastic YouTubers that you should subscribe to right now!

These were chosen based on my personal opinion, so if you don’t agree with this list please don’t leave a bunch of hate in the comments! I’ll do more of these lists if you all want me to. I’m sure there are tons of YouTubers I don’t even know about!
A lot of these YouTubers are DIY, I just really like DIY Channels. So let’s go! Get your subscribe button pressing fingers ready!

A whimsical DIY channel that’s super calming, this channel pick is great even for kids. They have tons of awesome craft and DIY project videos, and the way they narrate their videos is just so calming for some reason. I love watching these videos! They make some DIY projects seem so easy and fun to do.
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Maqaroon/Cute Life Hacks
I’m putting both these channels in the same section because they’re run by the same person. If you like kawaii DIY, slime, and ASMR, you’ll love these channels! Joanna seems like such a sweet person, and her videos always make me smile. The craft projects are sometimes advanced, but she always makes them look so easy! Plus I just adore the music she uses in her videos, it’s so relaxing.
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Studio C
Do you like comedy, but hate how most comedy has to use cursing, dirty jokes, or racism/sexism to be “funny”? Well look no further for comedy, because Studio C is the channel for you! They’re actually a comedy group featured on the TV channel “BYU Television,” but have many of their sketches on their YouTube channel. My roommate actually showed me Studio C, and I grew to really love their content. I admire how they can make comedy without swearing or being vulgar.
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Lazy Masquerade
If you like listening to stories/audiobooks, and like scary stories, then this is the channel for you! Lazy Masquerade narrates short scary stories found from places like Reddit (subreddit nosleep/letsnotmeet), 4chan, 2chan, and creepypasta. I love listening to videos like these while I paint my nails or do DIY projects. It’s great to be able to get engrossed in the story and forget how much time has passed.
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If you like dolls and DIY, then MyFroggyStuff is the channel for you! This channel not only does unboxing videos of things like Shopkins, My Mini Mixie Q’s, and other blind bags, but also does daily unboxing videos of all kinds of toys and playsets. She does DIY’s for dolls, often leaving me marveling in “How does she make it look so awesome?!” Even if you’re not into dolls, some of these DIY’s are just too amazing to look away!
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Another doll YouTuber, but this one is a custom doll maker! She does these AMAZING repaints of dolls, even turning Skellita from Monster High into a wendigo! Her work is fantastic and she has a cute bubbly personality that’s a lot of fun to see come through in her videos. Her work is always so cute and, well, delightful! (No? Too cheesy?)
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Yumi King
One of my fave lifestyle YouTubers is a girl stage-named Yumi King! (Pronounced “Uumi”). She started out as just a DIY sewing channel, but her channel progressed to unboxings, lookbooks, hauls, vlogs, and now is a great lifestyle channel! I’ve been subscribed to her for like 3 years now, and I’ve loved seeing how her channel has grown. She does get a lot of hate though, so if you comment on her videos, be prepared for some trolls. But Yumi herself is a lovely person, and her cute personality shines through in her videos. Not to mention her sewing skills are crazy awesome! I hope to get to that level of sewing one day.
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Venus Angelic
Once a “living doll,” Venus has also come a long way in her channel. Longtime subscribers like myself have seen Venus go through a lot just in the past few years, and yet she still manages to be bubbly and cute. Venus’s channel has vlogs, cooking, makeup, etc etc. She is a cute lifestyle channel and a great person to follow if you love cute things!
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Sara is like the most perfect human being ever! Her videos are all sorts of topics, from beauty, to DIY, to healthy living and eating. Her videos often have a bit of comedy, and she will sometimes do sketches where she dresses up as her own mother. It’s pretty funny. I love her videos because her ideas are super useful, easy to do/make, and overall have a lovely attitude in her videos and spirit. She is very down to earth and her videos certainly reflect that.
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Another great lifestyle channel to follow! She is super fun and upbeat, and seems super relatable. Wengie loves unicorns and bright colors, as seen in her videos. She makes all sorts of videos, many being hack videos which I love. All the hacks that she shows us are super helpful and awesome! Wengie is for sure a channel that you should follow if you like life hacks, fun DIYs, and happy people! Oh, and unicorns.
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I hope you lovelies enjoyed this list! I may make another, shorter list in the future, something like “5 Cutest Youtube Channels”? I also want to make one of these for follow-worthy Instagrams. 

I hope you follow some of these YouTubers! If you want to recommend any channels for future posts, leave a comment below!

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Thank you for reading! I’ll see your beautiful faces again tomorrow in my next post!