Travel Pics- Port Norfolk, VA

Ciao lovelies! The other day, my mom, my boyfriend and I all went out to Port Norfolk VA! I took so many pics!
Port Norfolk is a historical place! They had so many cool sights!
It is located on the Elizabeth River of Virginia.
 You can see the skyline of Downtown Norfolk across the water.
 They had metal starfish on the walkways to keep skateboarders off. It's much cuter than the spikes or metal spheres I've seen on other places.
 Some places looked like we were back in Florida!
 I couldn't resist taking this cool shot of the American Flag they had at the port.
 This was one of the ferry boats that they had running in between three destinations. We didn't go on it because I can't do boats (seasickness and afraid of deep water). I offered to stay behind so that the others could go on it, but they didn't want to.
 A cool building.
 One of my biggest problems with the world. The Elizabeth River would be a beautiful place if humans would stop littering in it and contaminating it. Tons of factories dump waste into this river and humans make it worse with litter! STOP! Why must humans ruin all natural things. I hope I can find a program to join to stop people who litter and help clean up the environment.
 I saw this building, I didn't get a chance to go in. But reading their sign, it seems like they are going to try and start a clean up/restoration project in May! I did a bit of research and found a website, as well as a Facebook page.
 We also saw this cool museum of navy stuff! Virginia, especially Norfolk, are HUGE Navy places.
 They had these cool cannons too!
 We found this amazing prism lighthouse, it somehow reminds me of the Great Gatsby? I'm not sure why I get that vibe, though.
 Ok, I know this may not be a big deal to all, but I've like, never seen a real solar panel in my life. This is awesome! I loved seeing one in real life. Ecological conservation at work!
 They had plenty of signs and such to tell us what everything was.
An up-close shot of the prisms. They looked so trippy! 
We saw the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame. My Mom says that when I was little in Girl Scouts, we stayed overnight here, but I don't remember it sadly. 
 Brian being cute <3
 My mom in front of the Ferry!
 Mom and Brian reading a sign.
Brian and I, the sun was in our eyes >.<
Brian made us smoothies before the trip. Mine was blueberry, strawberry, banana, milk, splenda, and ice, lol! His was peanut butter, bananas and chocolate. 

I have more adventure pics coming soon! 
Thanks for reading!


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