Spring Break Style- What I Wore 2k17

Ciao lovelies! It's been a hot minute since I made a fashion post, so I figured I'd get on that. Today's fashions- Spring Break Styles! From my spring break this year. 
Let's get into the fashions!
 This look was inspired by a stye called"Nanchatte Seifuku" or "Fake School Uniform," though it's not quite exactly that style, hence "inspired by." 
I liked this style because it was comfy and not too warm. I liked how the muted colors worked together. I paired this look with my pale pink Franco Sarto crossbody purse, and I think it looked nice!
 This look was a simple, fun, comfy look. I liked wearing a whole outfit from Hot Topic, ears, choker, and dress (though the dress was thrifted). I actually wore makeup for this look. You can see it come together in the Get Ready With Me video.
This look was inspired by "Larme-kei" and "Mori-kei" but again, doesn't exactly meet their standards. I liked how muted these colors were as well, while still being girly and sweet. I added the sunglasses later while on my Port Norfolk trip

What types of outfits did you all wear on your spring break? (Or are planning to?) Link me your pics in the comments or tag @onlyfunthingsblog on Instagram to be featured!