My 5 Fave Recycling DIY Videos This Month

Ciao lovelies! For today's 5 Post, I will highlight 5 recycling DIY videos!
As you may know, recycling and caring for the environment is very dear to my heart. These DIYs are based on recycled materials and are totally amazing!

#1- DIY Bracelet made from drinking straws.
This DIY by IdunnGoddess is great! Not only is it super cute (I'd totally wear it) but did you know that Americans discard about 33.6 million tons of plastic each year? (Source- Columbia University) Over 80% of that goes into landfills. We can help our planet by recycling as much plastic as we can! You should totally make a bunch of these bracelets!

#2- DIY Folding Fan
This one isn't inherently recycled, but you could make it with recycled paper! Reuse your old papers from school, work, etc into cute folding fans! Did you know that if all Americas newspapers were recycled, we could save about 250,000,000 trees each year! (Source- University of Southern Indiana) So maybe we should turn our newspapers into cute fans instead!

#3- DIY Alpaca Sock Plushie
While also not inherently "recycling," you can prevent from throwing away socks by turning them into cute plushies!

#4- DIY Bangles out of Plastic Bottles
This DIY was made for recycling! Cute bracelets out of recycled plastic bottles will save tons of plastic a year! And the process is relatively simple, double win!

#5- DIY Doll Shoes Using Recycled Materials
This DIY is by one of my fave doll and DIY youtubers- MyFroggyStuff! This DIY uses tons of recycled materials.

Earth Day is coming up (April 22). Be sure to make an effort to be more environmentally concious!
See you in tomorrows post!