Month In Review- March

Ciao lovelies! So, after experimenting with this last month, I decided that just doing one MIR post for everything was best. So today's MIR will be March MIR!
Today's MIR will be simple, talking about if I succeeded in my March MAP, and answering the MIR questions!

My March Map was:
How did I do? Well:
-For improving blog quality, I updated the design to something more modern and simple. I tried writing more interesting posts, like reviews and opinion pieces. I think my fave post this month was definitely the 5 Terrifying-Yet-Awesome Creatures post! I liked how I set it up, and I loved writing it because researching it was a blast! I loved learning about all the creepy creatures, and I also told my Bio professor how I talked about the leeches she taught us about, which made her laugh when I told her the post name. So yay!
-I didn't make more videos than February, but I did make a few that I thought were pretty good. My fave video of the month was the Fun Day with my darling boyfriend:
I tried to improve video quality this month by filming on my iPhone so that I could film in HD. I prefer the HD to my webcam footage, but I'll still be filming rant videos and such with the laptop.
The other videos of this month were a "get ready with me":
 Another Boyfriend Vlog:
Another Get Ready With Me:

-I did manage to try new hairstyles. My main new technique I tried was to let two long pieces of hair frame my face, even when my hair was in pigtails or a ponytail. I like this look sooooo much! It looked so much more cute/flattering:
(Please note I used BeautyCam for the photo, so it did some cosmetic touch-ups.)
-I didn't manage any planner DIY's this month. I'm sorry! 

And now, on to the questions!

 This month, I think the best thing I did right was involving hate comments. I deleted abusive comments and made it so you can't comment anonymously. I also gave my boyfriend the moderating power over comments, so that I wouldn't be able to see hateful comments! This blog will be a positive space, I'm determined.
I also think I did right this month by making the official Instagram. I love spreading positivity daily!
 I slipped into a depressive episode that made it hard to write. I need to remember this and make myself a reserves of blog posts to use when I am feeling depressed.
 1. I learned to ignore anon haters.
2. I learned that I enjoy spreading positivity!
3. I learned to make a reserve of blog posts for when I'm in a depressive episode.
I tried to work on making more opinion pieces since I like writing them. I also tried out writing reviews for shows/movies, and found that I like that as well.

Overall? This month was 50/50 good and bad. Let's shoot for 70 good/ 30 bad next month!

See you all tomorrow (come by at 9 AM if you don't want to be scared, mwahah!)