How to ROCK Every Color

Ciao lovelies! Today's post is a fashion post telling you the real secret to rocking every single color in the spectrum!
This is a top secret that fashion companies don't want you to know, but I'm going to tell you, okay? Because I love you guys. 

So, go into your closet. Pull out any color item in it. Right? Got it?
Now wear it. And style it however you want. BOOM! Perfect, rockin' every color.

Alright, I know you guys are probably a little confused or miffed right now, let me explain.
I see a lot of fashion blogs out there, and while I love reading them, I notice that some of them lay out these ridiculous rules on how to dress. Besides the basics, (don't wear brown socks with black shoes, don't match polka dots and plaid), they have all sorts of ridiculous fashion rules and such trying to curb creativity and self expression through fashion.

Now, I'm not trying to subtweet the fashion industry here, or say that fashion blogs are toxic (No, I will have a post on toxic blog types soon enough.). I actually really enjoy fashion blogs because I love seeing the creativity expressed in the outfits. I love seeing the new ideas, and trying them for myself. It's all very fun to me. 

I'm simply trying to explain that, in my perspective, applying restrictive rules to fashion leads to less creativity and joy in fashion. 

And when I say rules, I mean harmful ones, like;

"Oh if you're 'bigger,' you should wear black. Black is slimming. Never wear a solid color. It makes you look 'big.'"
Chastity Garner (Left) and Nicolette Mason (Right) both rock patterns! (Picture from NY Times)

"Don't wear black unless you want to look sickly and pale!"
The amazing Adora Batbrat rocking black, and fantastic makeup!

"If you're an adult, dress like it. You shouldn't be wearing a bunch of colors over the age of 20!"
Model and designer Haruka Kurebayashi, age 25, rocking a multi-colored "Decora Fashion" Look!

These "rules" are harmful and toxic, and gross, honestly. Why are we policing what people wear? 

Clothing is one of the purest forms of self expression. We shouldn't restrict it with ridiculous mindsets and outdated ideas!

But, that's just some little thoughts. 

How to rock every color? Wear the color. Any color. Because I promise you, you are totally rockin' it.

Thanks for reading my little thought process! 
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Thank you all so much for reading, remember to love yourselves, and have a lovely day!
See you in tomorrow's post!