Budget Cooking- Italian Chicken on Rice

Ciao lovelies! Today, I thought I’d share another relatively inexpensive recipe with you all. Today’s recipe is Italian Chicken on Rice!
 I made this recipe for Brian and I recently, and it was super easy and tasty! We also had Reece’s Pieces brownies for dessert, but that recipe was super simple (just mix some Reece’s Pieces with brownie mix).

So what you’ll need to be the “winner winner” of this chicken dinner (sorry, bad pun) is….

Let’s begin!

So to cook this delicious meal, we need a fry pan (or use a small pot like us- Hey, we’re broke college students, we use what we have), a large pot, a knife, a cutting board, two stirring spoons.
First thing to do is cut up the chicken breasts. We bought two since there were two of us, and I cut them up into little pieces. Heat up the vegetable oil in the pan along with some butter. Put in the chicken pieces and cover them in the Italian dressing. We want the taste of the dressing to cook into the chicken, which will also help it to not be dry. 

Chicken in the beginning of cooking.

While that cooks, we’ll start the rice. (occasionally, go back to the chicken to stir it up.). You’ll need two cups of water per cup of rice. We made two cups of rice. Boil the water with some butter and salt first. Once it’s boiling, put in the rice and cover it. Let it simmer on high for a bit (like 10 mins) then lower the temperature dial to about 5 (medium) and let it simmer until it’s done. Stir occasionally to avoid it sticking to the pot (we failed this and it stuck to the pot and was horrible to clean, sorry Brian! Learn from our mistake >.<).  (You'll know it's done when it's no longer soupy.)

Rice in the process of cooking.

Let both finish cooking, stirring both occasionally (WITH DIFFERENT SPOONS! No salmonella here!). When they’re done, check the chicken by cutting through some pieces. It should be white all the way through. There is NO such thing as “medium” or “rare” chicken, something I pray all of you already know. So it should be thoroughly cooked to avoid food poisoning. Drain the chicken (because there will be some leftover oil and such.) but don’t wash it off (or you’ll wash off all the seasoning!)

I decided to serve this in the way we serve things at home (select your own portion style). So I put the chicken in a bowl in the middle and put rice on both plates.
Enjoy this yummy dinner with someone you love, a BFF, family member, SO, or yourself! <3 

Brian really liked it, yay! He's still in his work uniform.

I learned this recipe from my dad. He usually bakes the chicken in the Italian dressing, but I didn’t have any glass pans. 

Happy cooking!
Do you lovelies want to see more recipes? Let me know!


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