5 Pieces of Advice for New Bloggers!

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Ciao lovelies! Today’s 5 post is something that I’ve been working on for a while: 5 pieces of advice for new bloggers!

I figured, after the spooky post yesterday, something more uplifting would be good for you all (and for me, to be honest)! So I want to share the things I’ve learned about blogging with any new bloggers!

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#1- You Don’t Have To Stick To One Topic
Believe it or not, you can write about more than just one thing. You don’t need to be “just” a makeup blog or “just” a DIY blog. You can write about everything and anything! Non-niche blogs (sometimes called Lifestyle blogs) are gaining in popularity and are supremely fun to write. There’s a lot less pressure when you can write about anything you want! Blogging should be about enjoying yourself, and limiting yourself to one topic can take away a lot of the fun.

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#2- Don’t Compare Yourself to Others
Seriously, this is such a toxic habit. Don’t continuously compare things like traffic, sponsorships, money with other bloggers. You’ll only make yourself feel bad. You have to remember that you are just starting out, and you won’t “make it” overnight. Success of any kind takes time, and super amounts of effort and passion! Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of blogging for fame or money. Blog because you want to blog, you like to blog! Blog as a passion, not as a business deal (not demonizing sponsored posts, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with them- just don’t make your entire blog with a goal of getting rich.)

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#3- Public Domain is Your Friend
You’ll notice throughout my blog, in certain posts, the little disclaimer at the end of my posts:
Public Domain means that the picture is available for free use, so you can use it on your blog! Using public domain pictures is easier for starting bloggers. As you continue your blogging journey though, try going to DeviantArt and asking permission (by comment or message) to use graphics. Make sure that you get permission from the artist first before using their work in your post! Make sure to be explicit when you ask them to use it (explain where you would be using it {URL}, how you would be using it {blog post about ____} and why you would be using it {it perfectly shows ____}, etc). Making connections to artists and sharing links is part of Networking (explained below!)

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#4- Networking Works Wonders
I am not lying when I say that networking is fantastic for just about everything blog related! Networking is the process of making connections in the sphere you’re in. For bloggers, this means connecting to other bloggers, artists, graphic designers, content creators, youtubers, instagrammers….Networking can help you build an email subscriber list and a solid base of what we call “good views,” aka views that will come back and actually read/interact with content.

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#5- It’s Ok to Promo
You don’t need to feel ashamed to promote yourself wherever you can. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest: anyplace you can. It’s hard to build a readership when you first start out. Unlike a YouTube channel, Instagram account, or Twitter, it’s much less likely for someone to randomly stumble upon your blog. Google will only get them so far, especially when there are hundreds of blog pages! Getting yourself out there is difficult, so using every platform you have at your disposal is a must. I actually even recommend making flyers and hanging them around your school/dorm/workplace/local shops (all with permission!). Local readerships make for potential collabs, and also will make reader interaction spike if you want to post about something local, like events, stores, restaurants, etc.

That’s it for this blog post, I hope you guys find these tips helpful if you’re a newbie blogger! If you have any other questions, concerns, etc, shoot me a comment and I’ll reply to you ASAP!

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