Month In Review- Intro- February

Ciao lovelies! Today I'm introducing a new series on this blog, Month In Review!
This series is the sister series to Monthly Bucket Lists! In Month in Review, we'll review the fave looks, hauls, videos, comments on this blog, and finally an overview, of the month!
February's Month In Review starts tomorrow!

Month in Review can be identified by the "MIR-" In the title!
The overview of the month will go over things like:
"What did I learn this month?"
"What did I do right this month?"
"What did I do wrong this month?"
"What did I work on this month?"

Month in Review spans the last 5 days of every month, the last day being the overview, and finally a lead into the monthly bucket list of the next month (and of course, Jonesy's Monthly Movie Spotlight!)

What do you think of Month in Review? Will you do your own? I find that these are excellent prompts for personal journaling. I can see the things I improved and the things I should work on!
Thanks for reading! See you in tomorrow' MIR post- Fave Looks!