MIR- Overview- February

Ciao lovelies! Today’s Month in Review post is an overview of the month, and answering some reflection questions. I think the questions in this post are excellent end-of-month journaling prompts for anyone! You can see how far you’ve come, what you’ve improved, and what you need to work on. I’ll be doing a personal one for my journal IRL as well. I am also returning to my goals for the month and talking about whether I achieved them!
So let’s begin!
This month I worked on making more “valuable” blog posts, meaning I tried making more research based posts, opinion pieces, helpful DIYs, etc.
I also worked on making more custom graphics for my blog using my own nature photography.
IRL I worked on staying hydrated, healthy, and busy.
I got more involved with my school theatre and auditioned for the next play, ushered the play they just did (Blood Wedding), and tried to get more hours. I also threw myself harder into my academics, studying more, planning out papers better, working harder on presentations, and making an effort to do my best work in every course. 
I also made a serious effort this month to look nicer everyday, to dress up and maybe even wear makeup. I wore more jewelry and hair accessories. 
On the YouTube side of things, I tried to make more videos than I was making last semester.

I feel as though I definitely did right by getting more involved in school activities. Being a part of those things made me feel connected to my university, and to my friends. I felt productive and happy.
 I also had something keeping my mind off bad thoughts and depressive episodes. I still had a few but I feel as though I handled them adequately.
I also feel as though I did right by trying to dress up more. This was a serious confidence booster and made me feel on top of the world. I felt cute, so I acted more confidently.
Regarding my blog, I feel as though including more “valuable” posts made me feel more like I was doing something good, and also made me view blogging on a more professional level. I feel as though this step will definitely take me in the right direction regarding my future career ideas. 

The biggest thing I did wrong this month was give in to hateful commenters.
 I let them upset me and make me feel like dirt. I should have just ignored them and not let them escalate. Their comments should roll off my back, as they have to go on anonymous to express their rude thoughts, and I share my positive happy ones because I don’t live to bring others down.
The video I made with Jonesy was definitely the right response, to treat all their comments like funny jokes and make them feel like they are being dumb for being hateful. I think she responds to commenters like that in the best way. Thank you Jonesy, for helping me see the right way to deal with hateful commenters. 

I learned the right way to deal with hateful commenters.
I also learned the benefits of dressing up everyday and getting involved with local events. I shouldn’t be such a shut in, and should take my own advice and go out and enjoy life.
 And now, How did I do on my Monthly Goals?
So, on February 1st, I posted my Monthly Goals! How did I do? Let's go through them one by one!

Cook More Meals-  I did accomplish this first one,not all were posted since I didn't use a lot of "new" recipes, but Cel (Ame/Brian) and I have cooked together quite a lot this month! And as for the new recipes of the month, the Cheeseburger  Rolls were published this month!

Go on an Adventure- I don't know about this one. I think the best adventure this month was ushering for my university's production of Blood Wedding by Fedrico Lorca. I learned a lot, including that coffee can be good with the right creamer, and, coincidentally, that I should NEVER BE ALLOWED TO HAVE COFFEE. It was a great experience for me, and I'm glad I did it!

Do More DIY's- Oh yeah, I definitely accomplished this one. I only posted a couple, ( Reminders list, inspirational decor ) but I did many more that may be posted next month. I'm thinking about doing a post with multiple DIY's in it, since some of the DIY projects were too simple to warrant their own post. Not all of my DIY projects end up posted, some are failures, some are just so simple that they shouldn't have their own post. But I may make a big post of the simpler DIY projects.

Find a New Inspiring Place- I didn't find a new inspiring place, though I did hear of a new park that I want to visit and photograph. Maybe that park will become my new inspiring place? Who knows.

Do Something Sweet for Ame for Valentines- Check and check! I got him the newest book in this series he's been hooked on, and some of his fave candies. I was so happy that he liked the book. He wouldn't stop reading it all day! It was cute to see him so enthralled in it! I really wanted to make him happy. And he, being the SWEETEST person EVER got me the BEST THING EVER! He is so clever and thoughtful. He remembered that I like manatees a lot, and that I went to see them in Apollo Beach Florida, and so he donated to the Apollo Beach manatees in my name! I couldn't stop hugging him and thanking him! It is the most thoughtful gift ever! The fact that he remembered something so small about me and that he knows how much protecting wildlife means to me really makes me so happy. He is truly the best boyfriend ever and I love him so much. Ah, sorry I'm rambling. I can't help it! He's amazing!

What do you lovelies think of this new series? Did you complete your monthly goals? Are there other questions I should include next month? Do you want to have other things included in the monthly review? Let me know!


  1. I like the Cheeseburger rolls. I'm going to have to try and make those one day. They sound Delicious!


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