MIR- Hauls- February

Ciao lovelies! In today's Month in Review post, we are talking about this month's hauls!
For those unaware, a "haul" is a word that means many things, the modern definition is the results from shopping!
So here are this month's hauls, following the 2017 theme of "Treat Yourself" and "Self Care"! (or #2017selfcare and #2017treatyourself on instagram! YouTube Video HERE)

 This first small haul was after a particularly bad day (NOT saying that you should go shop when you feel down- this is actually NOT a good idea because you could develop a shopping habit!).
I bought some new clothes to test on my Monster High Dolls (following a video I saw from My Froggy Stuff). 
I LOVE clearance jewelry, because you can find cute stuff super cheap! I got this cute fake crystal necklace for $1 (that's what it rang up as!)
I got myself these adorable scrunchies (couldn't resist!)! They were for Valentine's Day!
Last in this haul, I treated myself to some yummy cookies and creme Pocky!
 This small haul was great because everything was only one dollar!
I found a six pack of Fruit by the Foot at Dollar Tree! I ended up buying a few more while they still had them later, lol.
I bought some new glitter deco tape (also called Washi tape) for my planner!
And I treated myself to a MLP blindbag! Blindbags are fun because they're a surprise! I got Rarity!
Everything in this haul was also only $1! The two notebooks I just couldn't resist! They are so cute! They say "Follow your Heart" and "It always seems impossible until it's done", and I don't know about you lovelies, but I could always use that kind of positivity in my life!
I bought more washi tape for my planner and pen-palling! The stickers are also for my planner and pen-palling.
And I treated myself to some clearance hairbows! They're cute but they don't show up on my black hair, so I'll wear them when I cosplay and wear wigs!
What was your fave haul? Did you have any awesome hauls in February? Let me know!
See you in tomorrows MIR post!