Oak Grove Lake Park Pictures January 2017

Ciao Lovelies! The other day I went to my favorite park and took some lovely nature shots!
My Favorite Park is Oak Grove Lake Park and I love taking nature pics there! It always inspires me.
 I love the shoreline on certain sides of the lake!
 There was a rainstorm moving in that day
 The rocks under the water looked so calm
 More shoreline
 Birds in flight
 A clearing opening into the lake
 Some acorn caps I found and kept for mixed-media art purposes
I took this shot of my dear Ame on one of the benches

I am currently looking for more places near my school to take pictures/get inspired! I will update on that as soon as I can!


  1. Whenever I'm stressed, looking at moving water really relaxes me!!

    1. Same here! Places with bodies of water are so calming and lovely. ^-^

  2. I plan to visit you when your in college ( besides when your in town for breaks )some time this year with Ace's help tho


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