Nature Pics from July 2016 with Kyllen Hayden

Ciao lovelies! Last summer I went to a local park with Kyllen Hayden and forgot to post the pics!
Here are the pics:

I love taking nature photography. It quickly became one of my favorite hobbies! I love photography in general, not because I'm good at it (because I'm not), but because there's just something so lovely about being able to capture everything. I feel as though it makes me appreciate life more because I'm constantly seeing the beauty in the world. 
And to my dear friend and sister Kyllen Marie Hayden, I had so much fun going to the park with you over the summer. I hope you can come back to VA for this summer!


  1. You're really that uncreative as to post photos from that long ago? Man, that's desperate....

    1. I'm not desperate (in fact, I currently have a list of over 200 future blog post ideas). I merely thought it would be a good idea to share the beauty of nature with my readers. Thanks for your feedback!

  2. I love it twin.. I'm trying really hard to come back this summer but it might not b til later June


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