My Favourite Blogs

Ciao lovelies! I like a lot of blogs, but today I want to show you my favorites!

Violet LeBeaux
Photo belongs to Violet LeBeaux
I love Violet's blog! It's so cute and happy! She posts cute clothes, crafts, pictures of her dog and more! I love how she always finds a way to make life more cute. 

Quaintrelle Life
Photo belongs to Vivcore
Although this blog hasn't updated since 2014, I still enjoy looking through it and browsing the cute photography! I do wonder why she stopped posting though..

Adora BatBrat
Photo belongs to Adora BatBrat
Though the link I will list is her old blog and she doesn't use it anymore, I love looking through it! Adora is "a self proclaimed Goth Martha Stewart" and an all around alternative fashion icon! I love how she wears whatever she wants and always looks amazing! I also admire her self confidence and wish I could be that self positive in the future.
Quick thing to my younger readers though, Google flagged her blog as only for adults (because there's some swearing and nudity in art pieces) so you should be 18+ to view it (because Google says so!)

What are you all's favourite blogs?