Looking to Collaborate in 2017!

Hey there! If you like to write, photograph, or make content and want to collaborate with another content creator, read on!
This blog's author, Lunaria L Moon (Luna Lee Swiika) is looking for other content creators to collaborate with!
Preferably smaller, "undiscovered" bloggers, but any kind of content creator can join!

What kinds of projects would we work on together? 
-Guest posts on each other's blogs/sites
-Collaboration posts (working together on one post to be posted on both blogs/sites)
-Collab videos
-Possibly creating a blog carnival for smaller blogs
-Helping each other promotionally
-Sharing resources
If you want to get in contact regarding this, you can comment your blog url and email address on this post, or email me at lunarialmoon@yahoo.com
My only requirements are:
-No NSFW blogs
-Blogspot/blogger blogs are preferred but I will also collab with tumblr blogs


  1. Hey Luna! If your interested I'd like to collaborate with you on something! I don't have a blog, but I do have DeviantArt and a Tumblr and honestly you don't have to do anything for my pages if you want. We can do something fun on yours though! Maybe some fan art? Or OC art/writings? A collab of sorts between our OC's in art or something could be really cool! Just a few ideas! I've been looking for something fun like this to do!

    1. That sounds fantastic! I'll text you about it my dude!


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