Kawaii Japanese Snacks Review!

Ciao lovelies! Recently I tried (and retried) some kawaii Japanese snacks. One of these snacks I had already tried before, but hadn't had in a long time. So here's the reviews!
The first snack is "Hello Panda"
These treats are both fun and cute! They're tiny cookie bites with chocolate inside! The outside has printed pandas on it! 
I liked both the design and taste of these candies!
My only complaint, they're very crumbly and make a huge mess!

The other candy is Pocky!
I had tried this a long time ago, so I consider this a re-try! 
I like Pocky very much, I like how it comes in a cute box, is in little delicate sticks, and has a slightly more bitter taste to the chocolate flavour.

Bonus pic- a completely sweets filled lunchtray!
What are you lovelies opinions on these sweets? Also, would you eat a completely sweets-filled lunch?