5 Things to Hope for in 2017

Ciao lovelies! Today we're talking about something hopeful- specifically 5 things we should hope for in 2017!
Photo from www.dream-wallpaper.com
1.More ecological advancements!
Last year was huge in steps towards environmental healing. We saw manatees taken off the endangered species list, 50 million trees planted in one day, and the National Park Service turn 100 years old last year, in 2016! This year, I am hoping for more great environmental news! Let's clean up our oceans, lakes, and rivers; let's reduce emissions from industry; let's reduce litter and establish more protected zones! Our planet is the only one we have (for right now) and we need to value it and protect it.

Photo property of and credit to NASA
2. Advances in Space Programs!
Something else I am hoping to see in 2017 is more space programs! Space exploration is important because it could help us find more resources, planets, and could even explain natural phenomena. NASA, make some new space programs in 2017 please!

Photo credit to www.funnyjunk.com
3. New Memes!
*This idea was bestowed upon me by my roommate Sam**
One thing we can definitely hope for in 2017 is new memes! Will we get new animal memes? Or new reaction images? Who knows!

Photo credit www.publictrending.net
4. New Movies!
Disney and other studios are already set to release new films in 2017! Among these are Toy Story 4, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, The Croods 2, Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and others! I am super excited for new films in the upcoming year!

Photo credit to Nanana Travels
5. The chance at a new beginning!
The new year will always bring along the chance to start fresh, to reinvent yourself and to restart your dreams! So naturally, something to hope for in the new year is the chance to utilize this fresh start as much as possible! Make 2017 YOUR year! Nothing is stopping you from the first step to your dreams!

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Carpe Diem, or rather, Carpe Annum (Seize the year!)