5 Things I am Grateful For.......

Ciao lovelies! Today, I'm talking about 5 things that I am grateful for!
 These five things are in no particular order!
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 1. My family!
I am grateful to have my family in my life. I love my father, mother, brother, extended relatives, and most recently our newest family member, my little nephew Teddy! I am so eternally grateful for the chance to have my family and their support and love.

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2. My Friends!
I will forever be grateful for my wonderful friends. Each of them is a beautiful shining star and a blessing to this earth! They have made the transition to college much easier, and are always there to brighten my day with their fantastic personalities and attitudes! I love my friends!

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3. My darling love, Brian!
I am so grateful to have the love of my life in my life! He is so amazing and is so sweet, supportive, kind, and funny! I love him dearly and wouldn't trade him for the world. Every day am thankful to have the chance to have him in my life and by my side.

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4. The chance to do what I love!
Everyday when I wake up, I remember how this world granted me the chance to do the things I love. I can pursue my dreams, blog, write, create, do whatever I want. And I am always going to be grateful for that. Are there hurdles I must climb to reach where I want to be in life? Absolutely, but life will always be that way. I am just grateful for the chance to climb those hurdles.

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5. My life!
I am grateful to be alive! I am grateful to the trees and plants that provide me oxygen, to the planet that keeps me sustained, to the sun that warms me, to the universal powers that be for giving me my soul. I am just so happy to be alive!

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