Recent Selfies!

Hey lovelies! So I realize that you guys haven't seen my face in a while. (And you're probably grateful for that, lmao.) But I'm here to ruin that bliss!
So, here are my recent selfies/makeup looks and all that!
 This is the makeup look from the Friday before Halloween! I enjoyed having fake blood all over my face.
This was my vampire costume for Halloween. I was so edgy ;)
 A random cute gothy outfit of mine. The sweater was $1 at Walmart on sale and I got it cuz I'm trash >:)
 pseudo-grunge cuz I wanted to be cool.
 Same as above, honestly.
 2 scene 4 lyfe ;3 XD
 2 scene 4 lyfeeeee
 That poorly edited-in bow...
My love of my life and my dumb face.
 My love and me in my new sweaterdress.
He's so cuteee....

Sorry for my face spam, I'm uninteresting trash...
Love, Luna.



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