Polyvore- What It Is and Why I Love It!

Ciao Lovelies! So recently I've been on a site called "Polyvore" a LOT!
What is Polyvore? Polyvore is a site where you can make fashion/home decor/makeup/art/etc collages and share them with friends! You can also make collections of collages!
Personally, I like to use Polyvore to make collages of OC's (Original Characters), or collages of cool outfits for my stage/author persona, Lunaria. 
Here are some examples:
On the site, you can click on the individual items to see where they come from, and their price! You could buy an outfit designed for an OC, or anything else!
Another great feature is that you can connect to Facebook, to share your creations, and to Pintrest!
If you get an account, add me! HERE is my link!
Did I mention that the site is free to use? So awesome!
Overall, I give this site 5/5 stars!
Try it out for yourself and let me know what you think of this site in the comments!
**This post is NOT sponsored**
Love, Luna