Christmas Fansigns!

Ciao Lovelies! These fansigns were completed over a few days, in my Christmas photoshoot outfit! Did you get a fansign from me this year? If not, don't worry! I will be doing another set in the summer with a different theme! For reference, my instagram is @lunarialmoon !
Here are the signs!

(I look a little gross in the last five cuz I had been sick :// plus I'm still learning my best selfie angles)

Love, Luna


  1. What kind of camera do you use? Or does someone else photograph you?

    1. i usually just use my smartphone camera since I don't have a nice one for pics (only my camcorder which is best for video). These were taken as selfies on a timer, but most photoshoots are done with someone else taking the pictures (usually my boyfriend)


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