Top 5 Nightcore-d Rave Songs!

Ciao lovelies! Today's Top 5 Tuesday will be my top 5 favorite nightcore-d rave songs!
Nightcore is a style of remixing songs to generally make them faster and occasionally higher pitched, sometimes even dubstep. I find that Nightcore is great for listening to while you work, because it gives you artificial energy (because the music is so upbeat!).
This specific post will be only for Nightcored Rave music, I'll have other genres later.
So, here are my 5 favorite nightcored rave songs!

#1- OMFG- Hello
I like how peppy and cute this song is. It has minimal lyrics but the overall sound is so cute and happy. I like this as background music when I clean!

#2- Zelda
I like this song because the raves I go to are Anime Con raves, and they usually play this at least once, if not multiple times. It's so fun to dance around to! Plus, who doesn't love Legend of Zelda music?

 #3- Blue
Arguably a classic, Blue (or also called Da Ba Dee) is such a good rave song! It's so easy to jam out to and even sing to. Plus it's great despite having lyrics, something a lot of rave music can't do.

#4- Ravers Fantasy
 Another classic, Raver's Fantasy. Sadly I've never heard this at an actual rave (and I really think it should be in an actual rave!) this is a great remix as well, actually dance-able!

 #5- Pika Girl
 This song is so cuuuute. Plus i'm biased cuz Ame and I sing this to eachother every rave, so~

 Ok I know this is really....weeb. But this is the first Nightcore i ever heard way back in 8th grade. I had it saved on my old Ipod and phone! I used to do the "Carameldansen" to this.....oh god. I love it. Such nostalgia!

 Love always,



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