I Almost Died! Stories About Adventures Caused By Stupidity.

Ciao lovelies! Recently I realized that many of my recent adventure type stories have been caused by me blatantly disregarding potential danger until I end up needing to flee. What do I mean....?
Welll. Let's explain in story form. Specifically two stories that happened this week.
Story #1- The day of Teddy's Birth (Alternatively titled, I almost died in a Thunderstorm and Teddy wouldn't have a Aunt at all) 
 So, the day my nephew Teddy was born, about 8 hours prior to his birth, I was out and about one of my favorite lakeside parks with my dearest Ame.
We started to notice the sky getting darker, I noticed thick clouds, and the air began to feel chilly. But I brushed it off  because we were playing Pokemon Go and wanted to use the lures that someone planted at the gazebo area of the park.
But of course, as fate would have it, it starts raining, so we begin to head back like good responsible people. After all, nobody wants to be out in a thunderstorm, especially not in this part of the country.
But we also really wanted to get candy, specifically to capitalize on Party City's fifteen candies for a dollar deal. So, we get to the car and drive to Party City to get some candy. When we got out of Party City it was POURING. I don't mean the usual "Oh it's raining cats and dogs," no, I mean SHEETS of WATER were just falling from the sky. We figured the rain would stop, like most summer rainstorms do, by the time we finished shopping. So we went in, bought some candy, and came out. No such luck, it was still practically hurricane conditions out there.  But we had to get home because Ame had to get to work. So we start driving out of Party City, which involved driving through what was practically a lake and almost hydroplane a few times. I white-knuckled the whole ride holding onto what my boyfriend has affectionately nicknamed the "Oh Shit" handle.
But our luck changed thank goodness, we got home safely, I got to the hospital, and got to be there when my Nephew was born.
Moral of the story, don't ignore thunderstorms, and most certainly don't try to drive through them!
Here is some pictures I got of the storm clouds moving in over the lake:
On to Story #2, I Could've been Murdered, or alternatively titled, I'm a moron and Pokemon Go has me making stupid decisions.
This next story is ALSO a product of Pokemon Go. I can't really blame the app, it's my decision to go out and look for Pokemon in not-so-nice conditions. Anyway, my dearest Ame and I went on a dinner date the other night and decided to go to the park afterwards to play Pokemon Go. Well, we didn't watch the time very well and it slowly got darker...and darker...
Of course I began to freak out, being outside, in the woods beside a deep lake, and I cannot see in the dark at all. So we start heading back to the entrance, but unfortunately the entrance is a dark wooded path that is basically a pitch black tunnel of death. We start walking down this path with Ame's phone on flashlight mode, clutching each other, scared to death. Then, gripped with terror, I start sprinting. He, being the track star he is, runs alongside me practically effortlessly. We book it out of the tunnel of death, and practically collapse once we reach the safety of the dimly lit parking lot. I'm wheezing, he's panting, we're both convinced we just narrowly escaped death. So naturally we went to get Slurpees to celebrate not being murdered.
Yeah. I am not bright. Here is a shot I got of the lake and a lit up buoy before it got pitch black dark:
It's blurry because we were walking back at this point and I didn't want to stop for pictures because I was afraid of it getting darker.
So there you have it!
Most of my near-death adventures this week have been caused by my love of Pokemon Go and my inability to make good, smart choices.
Love always, and be safe,