Today's Local Park Adventures

Ciao~ Today Ame and I had marvelous adventures down at my fave local park~
So here's the adventures~

So Here is my OOTD:
Armwarmers- Amazon like $1-$2
T Shirt- Walmart like $5
Skirt- Homemade!!
Socks- Aliexpress, $2
Shoes- Payless, $10

Here is my makeup:
Really light and fairyish.
Pink eyeshadow- Hot Topic Blackheart Beauty Pallet
Mascara- Rimmel London
Lip Product- Flowers Whisper
Blush- Icing/Claires
Choker- Homemade!!
Scrunchies- Aliexpress

I brought my Horcrux Locket (From the Harry Potter Series) with me to take pics. Ame got these awesome shots:
I got this epic dark drama shot:
Then I wanted to take nature pics. All the bugs literally LET me take pics of them! I thanked them when I was done. ^-^
I found this beautiful butterfly and he kindly allowed me a photo of him:
Then I Found some dragonflies. The first guy is easy to spot, but can you find the second?
Then I had to take pics of the cute honeysuckle:
I haven't eaten any this season, I hope it sticks around so I can try it!
I also found this ADORABLE little pine tree, I started singing christmas carols and decourated it with flowers for a lil June Festivals Tree:
Then I took some more nature pics:
 The sunbeams were beautiful!
And of course an obligatory water pic even though its man-made and frankly a lil gross, it still looks pretty:
Then I made Ame do some typical "Couple Pics" with me:
Today was so fun! We also found the end to a bungee cord (how do you break one of those?!) so we hung it on a branch near the river. We also had rock throwing contests to see who could get a rock the furthest into the drainpipe. 
Then we went to Taco Bell and I got the best drink ever BAJA BLAST!!!
And then we went home and watched Criminal Minds. 
I am LOVING being out of school so far. AND tonight is a Crescent Moon! SCORE.
Love always from the bottom of my heart,
Lady Luna