Saturday is DIY Day

Ciao lovelies! Let's talk DIY!
 More specifically, what makes a good setup to perform DIY in, and also what gives you inspiration?
Saturday, for me, is DIY day. What does this mean?
 Well, Saturday is the day I plop myself down into my favorite crafting spot, surrounded by materials and things I've saved to upcycle, and I think to myself "what on earth to make today?"
I'll admit. It is so very hard to become inspired, even looking at the huge treasure trove of materials.
So how to get inspired?
1. Find a place that you feel comfortable in to craft.
For me, its my office. I throw out my butterfly blanket and spread out my materials so I can see what I'm working with.
2. Consider practicality first.
 Have you been needing to get rid of some materials? Consider those first in possible project ideas. Consider things you need to make first; and ideas for things you want to make will follow.
3. When all else fails, seek help.
 The internet is a great place for inspo. I love Violet LeBeaux for DIY inspo, but I also like to browse items that I want and try to come up with ways to recreate or similarly create it for myself.
4. Phone a friend.
 A friend in need is a friend indeed! Call up a friend and chat about DIY's for a while. Or, browse your friends blogs(etc) and see if they
made anything awesome lately. Try to recreate it if you want. Just don't forget to credit your friend for giving you the idea!
5. Try a clean up.
Time to organize those craft supplies! You'd be surprised at how much you don't realize you have to work with, because its tucked at the bottom of your boxes! A quick day of organizing craft supplies might unearth some cool supplies you forgot you had: And an idea or two!
6. If it's not coming, don't panic.
Sometimes you just won't get struck with inspiration, and that's ok. Just clean up your supplies and wait for another day where inspiration does hit. You don't want to waste supplies when you're not into your crafts.
Thanks for reading! I know this is a different sort of post from me, but I thought I should touch on this a bit.
Feel free to leave your thoughts below!
Love, Lady Luna