Last summer my Stepsis and I decided to try and make the most horrible/crazy outfits we could come up with as a game! It was really fun to look through our closets and make some wacky outfits!
So this is what we got:
This is the outfit my stepsis put together:

 A camo hat, halloween mullet wig, bodyline halterneck jsk, long sleeve tshirt, satin gloves, dollar tree fan, and my parasol!!
I was so proud :,) This is my fave game and she beat me at it 100%
But on a serious note its not where the items came from that makes it crazy. It's the amazing combo!
 she ended up adding neko ears too!
My outfit is a black bonnet, my natural hair (unbrushed), sunglasses, bunny ears, bodyline op, black blouse under, and I had on gym shorts XD
 Obligatory teacup shot XDDD
 my hair back then was LONG. Oh, and I tied the waist ties the wrong way, lol!~
This is a really fun game to play and I highly recommend it.
Its fun to look at your wardrobe and think "how TERRIBLE can I make this look?"
I hope you guys liked the laugh~
Love always and forever,
Lady Luna