DIY Recycled LTW Purse!

Haii lovelies! In this tutorial, i'm gonna show you how to make your very own Lead The Way purse from an old gift bag!
This is what it looks like when done:
let's start!

Materials: old gift bag, cardboard, fabric or ribbon or string, duct tape, hot glue, scissors, sharpie or paint, decourations. (Fabric, cardboard, scissors, hot glue and decourations not shown.)

Step one: tear the handles out of the old gift bag
Step two: reinforce the sides with cardboard inside (hot glue it in)
Step three: reinforce the corners, bottom, and top with duct tape. you can make a pattern if you want.
step four: decourate with sharpie or paint, let dry
(2 sides of four, pics taken after i was done)

step five: add handles made of fabric or ribbon. I used the fabric removed from headbands.
hot glue them inside the bag and reinforce them with duct tape. Decourate the bag however you want, i added some studs and other fun things, and you're done!

You can use it as a purse, gift bag, or storage!
Baiii for now~